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Single Visitors to Cap d’Agde

Single guy

Many of you who visit the naturist resort at Cap d’Agde are single travellers and there are a number of questions that get asked, so I will attempt to answer some of the common questions, below.

Are single visitors allowed to stay in the resort?

In one simple word, yes. One of the special things about this resort in fact, is that it is one holiday location which acts perfectly as a location for everyone of every taste and traveller type. Whilst couples and groups do account for the majority of visitors, a decent percentage of those who choose to spend time in the resort, are single travellers.

In terms of access and being a single visitor, there is really no difference between visiting as one person or travelling in a large group. The only difference, and which I discuss below, are issues such as suitable accommodation and the issue of meeting others.

Is it easy to meet other singles and other people also

The truth though is that the majority of single visitors to the resort are male. Single female travellers to the resort are rare and, for this reason, if you are looking to meet a woman at the resort as a single visitor, it will be very difficult. If, on the other hand, you are a female, you will have plenty of opportunities to meet male partners.

The beach is a great place to meet others, whether you are single or not, and the one place to head to is just past the halfway point of the beach, to where you will very quickly see crowds of people and lots going on. There is usually an ice-cream seller placed in this location.

How easy it is to hook up and meet others very much depends on how social you are in reality. You can post a message, for example on a site such as the Cap d’Agde Yahoo Group (5000 members), and arrange to meet others in a bar such as Johnny Wokkers pub (end of Port Nature building) or you might just be the type of visitor who can be in a queue at the bakery and you seem to have a knack for immediately getting in conversation with people.

As a single lady, you will draw a lot of attention from the males at the resort and this would in reality probably be too much attention for most women. It is probably fair to say that most women who visit the resort will feel more comfortable visiting with friends.

Is there any accommodation suitable for single visitors

Accommodation is the biggest issue you will face as a single person arriving at the resort. Most of the accommodation options are aimed at multiple people, but you do have several options.

The cheapest way to stay here is by renting a camp spot and using a tent (and car if you have one). There are a number of quite small apartments though and these, whilst not cheap, are also a viable option.

Sharing – Another common option is to head to the Yahoo Group and try and organise to share with others who have a spare room or bed in their accommodation. This is certainly a possibility and a great way to meet others and to cut costs as the same time.

Hotels – You can get a 2 person aparthotel room at Natureva Spa in peak season for around £120 (click here to book and see available dates). Although not the cheapest option, the aparthotel is a close walk to the beach and the naturist shopping centre and close also to the bars. This is a good option.

Other Considerations

To enter some areas such as bubbles parties, you can only enter as a mixed couple unfortunately, i.e. as a man and a woman. Despite the difficulty of finding a partner to attend the bubbles parties with, you will have access to just about every other part of the resort. Many of the nightclubs do allow in single men, but there tends to be an extra surcharge. There is one sauna which is couples only but, in general, there is more than enough to experience as a single visitor to the resort.

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22 thoughts on “Single Visitors to Cap d’Agde

  1. Noel

    I’m going to Cap D’Agde 23 June – 1 July, taking an apt in Port Nature. 45 year old gay guy from London. Happy to meet others there at the same time or share accommodation if anybody is interested.

  2. Andreas

    I went to Cap d’Adge as a single last week, and stayed in the Hotel Eve. Although almost all guests are couple, the hotel is very single-friendly and quite reasonably priced. I would like to recommend it!

  3. gianni

    I like to go to cape d’Adge 21 August bis 31 August ,I like to Find accomodacion please contact shere bed,…….tel.0039 3277188542 Gianni

  4. Jeff

    Please note, that due to security reasons, single males need a naturist card from an international organisation (eg FFN) to enter the Naturist Village as of July 15. You should add this advice to your otherwise excellent article.

  5. Dec

    I have rented an apartment for seven weeks during July and August in Font Romeu and will take a break during August to visit Cap D’Agde.I have always wanted to have a naturist vacation.

  6. Tanya Maarsman

    Hey there, I’ll be coming to Cap D’agde July 1st-July 7th as a single female 24 years old. Looking for accommodation and possibly sharing a room with someone to cut the cost! I’ve never been but am very excited!

    • Marc

      Hi how was your stay at cape, going for my first visit beginning September as a single guy, is it easy to find shared accomadation

    • Ben Singleton

      Hello Tanya

      What was your experience of Cap D agne? I am looking to visit next year. I am 37 and currently single and excited but apprehensive.

  7. Wynne

    I am hiring apartment in village from 13 to 15 October, 2017. Any female can share free of cost.

  8. Sahir

    I am visiting cap d agde from 29th Sept to 1st October 2017. I have hired an apartment. Any female is welcome to share free of cost.

  9. Martin

    I am a retired Theatre Director in my sixties – planning to got to Cap D’agde in the spring/ summer – will happily team up with a female who needs a companion to enjoy the relaxing ambience. I will pay the travel costs of course.

    Genuine offer – please email if interested.


  10. Petros

    Hello I’ll be visiting the cap’ agde as a single mail in mid August. Happy to host any female travels for free. I’m 39 fit and live permanently in London. Get in touch if you are interested

  11. Male 45

    Single male, handsome, well equipped in Agde from June 10-2019. Looking for hookups and accomodation… No limits and fun for all…

  12. Lars

    I’m arriving the village on June 10 thru 15th.2019
    Shared accommodation sounds great. Open and willing to almost anything….

  13. Francis

    I am a single, straight man in my 30s and am planning to visit Cap D’Agde for the first time this summer. I’m thinking of staying at the campsite, but would like to know if they shut the gates early? If I go out to a bar or club at night will I be able to bet back into the campsite, or are the gates closed after a certain time?

  14. Tom

    Plan to go there between May and July. Contact me for mutual stay/sharing apartment. I am 45, athletic German, academic, 19*5cm uncut. Like solosexuality, edging this is the gay side, in general straight.

  15. LASSE Johnsen

    I am a single man 34 year old and will visit Cap D Agde 29/6 – 8/7 If any lady want to join me you are welcome, i will pay for the whole trip😊

    • DagTen15 Post author

      Hi Libin – The first half of September is still quite lively so plenty of people will be in cap d’Adge then! 🙂


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