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For those of you new to the resort, Agde is a town in the South of France and close to 30 Kilometres south-west of the city of Monpellier.

Whilst Agde is a town with its own marina and sometimes used as one of the stops for the Tour de France, the town is more commonly known worldwide because of what is said by many to be the largest naturist resort in the world.

The resort village itself is located on what is known as Cap (meaning the tip much like in the name Cape Town) and hence the name Cap d’Agde.

Cap d’Agde is more than just the naturist village in that the area incorporates more than just the resort.

This site though of course is interested in the resort itself and everything that goes in the gated areas we all love to call home for a few weeks each summer.

On this site the main information you will need is on the top menu such as hot and where to book accommodation for a stay at the resort (do not forget that you want Cap d’Agde the naturist resort and not the textile areas outside the village which are still considered the cap area), information on nightclubs, what there is for swingers, naturist and all visitors, in addition to the regularly updated news section.

In the news section, you will find a wide range of subjects covered from what time of the year to visit, to what to wear, all about the campsite and camping facilities, through to the age range, exact location and latest changes at the resort.

Front entrance

Why Visit Cap d’Agde

One of the great benefits of a holiday location such as Cap dAge in France is the ability to truly let oneself go and feel free and to be in a place and vacation setting in which one is not judged by others.

In textile resorts worldwide, there can often be a certain pretension associated with the place i.e. a certain beach politics one might say.

In Cap it really does not matter what size or shape you are because this resort really brings together people who have given up worrying about how their bodies look.

A visit to the village really means for many people a chance to let go of everything and to relax and feel free.

When you throw into the mix the wonderful summer weather down here in the south of France, a lovely long beach will everyone also enjoys to walk up and down for a stroll each day and throw in a dozen or so nightclubs and bars and restaurants inside the gates and what more can you really want? Oh – and I forgot to mention the foam parties and the great sea-food.

Marina by beach

Get in Touch

There is so much to explain and so many questions I know you need answering about Cap d’Agde because of the emails you all have sent but please keep them coming.

Send your questions about the resort, your reviews, your comments, your experiences and page requests to me at paul (at) or visit the Contact Page.

Coming soon

The pages coming up in the coming moths will include information on the following:

  • The best bars and where to drink and tips to save money.
  • What to do if you see a work associate or someone from your local church in Cap d’Agde.
  • Internet access in the resort and how to get online.
  • Getting by without speaking French.
  • What there is to do on a rainy day and when the beach is not suitable.

Resort Location

No doubt that if you are a newbie then your first question will be to ask exactly where the resort is and so to provide you with the information from the start. first a map below from Google showing the resort’s location.

The resort is in the region of Languedoc and is roughly 4 hours north-east of Barcelona in Spain and roughly 40 minutes south-west if Montpellier, France.

The closest airport is Beziers Cap d’Agde international airport although the resort is also served by Montpellier airport. Also within a few hours’ drive are the mountains of Andorra.

The resort is also connected on the French rail network with Paris via Agde train station (make sure to check that the train stops here though).

Interested in visiting the World’s Biggest Naturist Village – Cap d’Agde in the south of France?

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