Cap dAgde Resort Village


Cap d’Agde Nightlife and Nightclubs Guide

Certainly one of the main reasons why so many travel each year to Cap d’Agde and stay here is because of the nightlife. Imagine a gated resort for adults which includes roughly 10 nightclubs with play areas, 10 bars, many restaurants with high quality cuisine and also in the hot summer months, an outdoor bubbles party.

bar in the village

Getting Started

The night life tends to be the one aspect of the resort which is so often asked about and given that this resort is a great adults playground, it is natural to wonder what there is to do in the evening. The resort has changed over the last 20 years from being mainly a naturism resort to now also being popular with swingers, gay travellers and also couples and some single people. The resort is really somewhere where everyone fits in and all interest groups come together and seem to get on well.

The dress code is relaxed in the evenings in that you can generally wear as much or as little as you wish to although some bars and restaurants do request that you sit in a towel or something for purely hygiene reasons. Most people do dress up in the evenings because even in the peak summer months such as June, July and August, it can still sometimes get a little cooler. The evenings are an excuse also for the everyone (although it seems especially popular with the ladies and with cross-dressers) to dress up and show off the most exotic and erotic of clothing.

Drinking in the afternoon

The Bars

There are bars in many of the main buildings and also in some of the hotels in the bar (i.e. the Oz inn Hotel has its own bar). With each new season one or two of the bars can sometimes change name and or ownership but at the time of writing, some of the most popular are Bar 1664, Johny Wokkers and Melrose Cafe. Melrose gets extremely crowded late at night given that many women (and the odd guy) get up on the bar and dance and gyrate. 1664 is situated on the other side of the resort on the edge of the Helipolis building.

Tip: The price of beer can be expensive in some bars here and my tip is to consider buying wine and ordering a pitcher of wine. The quality of the wine offered can vary from bar to bar and no doubt that after a while you will have chosen your own favourite local.

The bars within the naturist resort mean that you can also go for a drink straight from the beer and you only need to take your towel. Wokkers bar at the end of the Port Nature building is one of the best places for an afternoon drink. Sit on the veranda from which you can view the view the sunset, the beach and sit in the sun as you drink a glass of wine or a pint of beer.

The saunas and nightclubs and as already mentioned, several of the hotels also have their own bars

Night Clubs

Most of the night clubs within the resort charge an entrance fee and have a dress code (although it does vary). One of the most popular night clubs in the resort is Le Glamour and it tends to be popular with swingers and the local crowd who pay to enter the resort on weekend evenings. The club has a downstairs play area and an upstairs area with bar, dance floor area, bars and several seating areas for sitting and chatting. This same club is the location in the summer months for the foam parties which take place just outside in the daytime. Outside of the resort is one of the most popular swingers clubs in the south of France and goes by the name of L’Extasia

Within the natiurist resort, there are clubs in many of the main buildings including Heliopolis and Port Nature.


The evenings can also be enjoyed in any of the restaurants in the resort and there are perhaps 20 or more different standard restaurants. Some of the places to eat are quite classy and also provide live music, whilst others offer cheaper but still good quality food such as some of the pizza eateries. The choice is wide and my two favourites for food are Le Ghymnos and Mississippi.


Many people tend to combine many of the above during their stay or a week or more by trying the various bars across the resort, trying a club once or twice and eating out a few times. When the foam parties get started in the hot months then you are basically talking about a night club style scene in the middle of the day, parallel to the beach. Have a cocktail and you dance in your birthday suit and stands under the foam as it cascades down on you. Enjoy the massive hot tub style pool and this all goes on from around 2pm to 7pm.

Further Information:

  • During the football World Cup, some bars such as Johnny Wokkers normally show most of the games.
  • Many people staying on the camp site tend to spend a few evenings in the week simply relaxing and inviting friends over to their spot and enjoying eating at a long table with friends and/or family. You can buy wine direct from a vat from the wine store in the Heliopolis building and which sells high quality wine very cheaply.