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Cap d’Agde Nudists Accommodation 2019

Oz inn

Cap d’Agde village provide all forms of accommodation you are likely to need and the vast majority of people who come this part of France for the nudist lifestyle, normally stay within the naturist resort itself.

Given in fact that you can literally find everything you are likely to need within the village, why stay anywhere else? The resort provides for the following types of accommodation:

Hotels in Le Cap d’Agde for Naturist and Swingers

Many years ago, there used to be one lone hotel and this was Hotel Eve. Hotel Eve still stands at the back of the resort and is popular with swingers and couples. This is less popular with more elderly visitors because of the longer walk needed to reach the beach.

Also with the increase in the number of people wearing clothing around the resort (do not worry as the beach is almost exclusively nude still), the relatively newly built hotels such as Jardin Eden, Natureva Spa Hotel, and Oz Inn Hotel provide more luxurious albeit more costly options.

If money is not an issue then Natureva Spa and Oz are good places to stay. Do be warned though that the hotel classification you may be used to in a country such as the UK or USA is quite different in that Natureva Spa for example is classified as a 4 star hotel. This hotel would be closer to a 3.5 star in the U.S.

Natureva spa hotel


Oz Inn Hotel


Riad Hotel apartments in Cap d'Agde


Apartments and Villas

The majority of visitors stay in apartments or the camp site (mainly because these two options are what are offered en-masse).

For real naturists, the camp site is a genuine traditional nudist area. Nudity is expected in the camp site and this area is the most relaxed and enjoyable part of the resort for some visitors.

If you are a swinger, you might find that the apartments, villas or one of the hotels are a better option. Rene Oltra (the camp site owners) have been known to enforce the rule that you must be quiet at night time and I have known couples to get in trouble for being too noisy in the camp site, late at night.

apartment agency


Book here –> David and Anne Agency – Range of apartments in all buildings inside the naturist resort.

Apartments Cap dagde

These apartments are all inside the resort and can be booked now!

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Hotel in the Resort

  • HOTEL OZ INN – Located inside the resort and oen of the newest hotels. (Book now!)
  • Natureva Spa Hotel – Another stylish and modern hotel inside the naturist area and close to the beach  (Book now!)
  • Riads ApartHotel – Aparthotel located just inside the resort entrance.

The best thing is to book as early as you can see if the season because apartments start getting booked up from as early as November the season before.

This resort is really the only of its type and size in the world and the best apartments get booked early on. Prices can range from roughly 80 Euros a night through to around 600 Euros a night for the best rooms.

Natureva spa hotel


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  • There are some properties available now via Airbnb in the resort. Use the link above to get £25 free towards your stay.

Budget Digs

I often get asked if there is any youth hostel or backpackers style residence in the resort and also if there are any late deals or discounts for staying in the resort.

The truth is that this does not tend to be a place where any backpackers visit (hence I am surprised that I sometimes am asked) and you will be extremely lucky to get any discounted accommodation because the rental agencies tend not to need to do this.

Outside the resort

There is sometimes confusion when booking given that the term ‘Cap d’Agde’ is often used to describe the nudist resort even though it is an area much bigger than just the resort.

When booking, make sure that you are booking for a stay in the resort and not outside the resort! If you want to stay outside of the resort you can book accommodation here.

Holiday apartment


If you are a family or true naturist, the camp site is a great option and there are very good facilities on the camp site itself. There are several toiler and shower blocks, a bakery style bar in the centre of the site and some stalls for buying groceries beside the main office.

The beach also runs parallel to the beach and has easy access to the beach area. The camp site offers camp pitches, chalets and new luxury accommodations which have their own jacuzzi hot tub. Book camping via Rene Olta.