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We are delighted to be able to announce the introduction of the 1st Time-Visitors group trip to Cap d’Agde This group trip is for anyone who wants the chance to meet fellow newbies visiting the resort.

The emphasis will be on new visitors but you are welcome still, of course, to join us if you are a returning visitor to the resort who books accommodation with the A&D JAMES Agency.

1st Time Visitors Benefits

The benefits of attending on this Group Trip include the following.

Welcome Meeting

  • 1st June 2019 – 10.30 am to 11.30 am
  • A talk on what to expect, etiquette, commonly asked questions, excursions options if you wish to visit outside of the resort and much more. Ask any questions you have and we’ll try and answer them.
  • Also a chance to get to know your fellow travellers. Free wine and munchies.
  • FREE resort map + printed copy of the 7-Day challenge will also be handed out.

Meetup For Drink at O2 Bizoux Beach Bar

  • 1st June 4.30pm to 6.30pm
  • Meet your Fellow Travellers at O2 Bizoux Bar. Drink and chat with other first-time visitors and some regular visitors.
  • Join us for a drink in 02 Bizoux. Also a chance for any new questions about the resort you have.

Resort Walking Tour

  • 2nd June 10am to 11am
  • Even though you can walk the resort yourself fairly easily, it can take a few visits to appreciate where everything is. Enjoy a leisurely walk around as the main points of interest and facilities are pointed out.
  • At the end join us for a coffee and chat in one of the bars.
  • Want to know where to find the post office, where to get postcards, where the ATMs are, where the best seafood restaurant is, where the foam parties take place etc? Join us for the tour.

Cocktail at the Beach Bar

  • 2nd June: 5.30pm to 7.30pm
  • Join us at Parolla Beach Bar in the middle of the beach for a drink and/or chat.

Beach Walk

  • 3rd June 10am11am
  • 1-hour Full-length morning Beach walk + grab a coffee afterwards
  • You are welcome to also join Paul (one of the guides) to do 100 press-ups during the beach walk to shake off those calories.

Evening Meal and Le Gymnos

  • 3rd June: 7pm: Meet to eat at Le Gymnos (traditional Italian oven style baked pizzas and wine and other food options. One of the best restaurants in the resort).

Excursion Day

  • 4th June (or might be rotated with the other events)
  • For an additional fee, you will have the chance to visit one of the attractions outside of the resort on an organised tour.
  • Local attractions include the World Famous Noilly Prat Vermouth tour.

Sunrise on the Beach

  • 5th June: Sunrise on the beach (time to be decided).
  • Are you able to get up early? Be rewarded with what is normally a stunning sunrise here on the south coast of France.

Evening Meetup

  • 5th June 5pm: Meetup to be decided.


31st May to 7th June 2019

Booking Information and Need to Know

PLEASE NOTE Before booking:

  • The schedule is subject to change, i.e. because of inclement weather.
  • We are also presently negotiating with other vendors to offer extra benefits.
  • The ONLY free food and drinks are provided at the welcome meeting. All other food and drinks you consume on the tours or meetups you must pay for additionally yourself.
  • Any day excursions and tours outside of the naturist resort will require separate payment. These tours will be optional.
  • The extra events that are being offered for 1st Time-Visitors week, are offered as free extras for those booking accommodation through the A&D JAMES Agency from 31st May 2019 through to 6th June 2019.

How to Book

Naturist Infographic

How to Book

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