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Book Review: Cap d’Agde Uncovered

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This month I thought I’d take a look at the book “Cap d’Agde Uncovered” the eBook which is available from Amazon. So here goes:

General Overview: This eBook is 112 pages and this is a more factually based book as opposed to a story-line style book.

For those of you already familiar with the resort, the book is perhaps not going to offer you much that you have not already experienced and know.

If you are a NEW VISITOR to the resort then this book IS for You.

Sample of main Subjects Covered:

  • Flights and travel options from UK, mainland Europe and further afield.
  • A breakdown of the the facilities such as shops, restaurants and bars.
  • What to expect when arriving at the resort and first timer experiences.
  • All of the various accommodation options, how to book and the pros and cons of each.
  • A look at the nightlife and what to expect and what you can do in the evenings.
  • Different visitor types and what there is for each group.
  • Top tips for visitors.
  • A number of other issues including safety, foam parties and getting started.

This book is a very good book if you are new to the resort, because it covers just about every question you are likely to have and which you most likely are looking for an answer to.

The book is also updated annually, so most of the flight and specific travel details are quite up-to-date and checked.

So many books fall down on this, in that the information can so easily and quickly become outdated. This is not a problem with this eBook.

The book comes in either Kindle version or PDF.

Why Buy the eBook?

Learn about the best travel options to get the resort and the cost of the eBook will have re-paid itself numerous times over.

You will perhaps also want to know what to pack, when the best time to visit the resort is, things you need to consider when visiting the resort?

This is an easy to read book packed full of information and tips on Cap d’Agde and tells you everything you are likely to want to know about the resort!

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