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The Accommodation Options in Cap d’Agde


Price Range

You can literally stay in the resort for 35 Euros a night by renting a camp spot pitch and setting up your own tent, or you spend up to around 500 Euros a night for a special luxury chalet in the camp site area. In between cost wise, in the resort, are apartments (normally between about 100 to 150 Euros a night on average) and several hotels (rooms vary). So let me walk you below through the various main options.

Hotels inside the Naturist resort

In the early days when I first started going to Cap dagde myself, with my partner, the only hotel was ‘Hotel Eve‘. Hotel Eve still exists but is arguably one of the more dated options hotelwise and it is the furthest from the beach.

The best options are the newer hotels and these are:

Natureva Spa



Natureva Spa is roughly 500 meters from the sea-front and a popular apartments-hotel which also has its own:

  • Gym and fitness classes
  • Sun terrace
  • Parking spots (not always easy in the resort otherwise)
  • Hammam, pool and hot tub
  • Massages
  • Sound proof rooms

Natureva Spa DOES book out very early in the season so normally the best strategy is to book as soon as you can.

Oz Inn Hotel


Built around 5 years ago, the Oz Inn Hotel is also based inside the naturist resort and is also in a good location and roughly 5 minutes walk to the beach (although might take slow walkers a little longer). This is another great options and prices tend to range from Euros 120 and upwards. The facilities are very good and include:

  • Hamamm and hot tub area
  • It’s own restaurants abd bar
  • Hotel wide WiFi service
  • Sun-terrace
  • and parking facilities


There more than one thousand apartments within the resort and these apartments are available for rent mostly through 3 or 4 main agencies, although a few apartments are rented out directly from the owners. The apartments are placed mostly in the Heliopolis and Port Nature buildings. One of the most agencies is the David and Ann Agency and you can book with them via the always helpful Clemence.


There is a camp site INSIDE the naturist resort and this is run by Rene Oltra so you can only book the camp site accommodation options through them. The camp site is much more than just camp spots, with the following options possible:

  • Luxury apartments
  • 2, 4 and 6 person chalets
  • Mobile Homes which you can rent
  • Camp spots which you can use for your own motor-home, tent or caravan.

The camp site also has its own  extras i.e. a bar in the middle, some sea-food stores, a launderette near the front entrance and some of their own events.

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2 thoughts on “The Accommodation Options in Cap d’Agde

  1. Jo Mulholland

    Oh dear! Stayed @ Hotel Eve, when I was there! Yes. It WAS some time ago but I DID enjoy the experience. I realise- times move on! ENJOY!!!!

  2. David Evans

    I’ve been going to Cap D’Agde for many years, and have stayed in various hotels and apartments. This one was a bad mistake.

    We booked through Club Helios, and chose a ‘luxury’ apartment in Port Ambonne. The literature looked promising, and the booking was handled swiftly and with ease.

    However, in arrival, we were hugely disappointed. The apartment wasn’t well kept, with scuffs and marks and light fittings hanging off the walls. The floor clearly hadn’t been cleaned as it was still sandy under bare foot. The kitchen extractor fan couldn’t possibly have functioned given the amount of dust and flies caught in it, and the killer blow was the bathroom. We lifted a urine stained toilet seat cover (why a cleaner would have left that on we’ll never know – it was filthy) to find a floating turd in the bowl – disgusting. We have pictures of all of these complaints to ensure anyone who claims this is a vindictive review can see the proof.

    We immediately went to the Club Helios / office and asked to be moved, but we were met with apathy and ignorance. The manager was finally asked to visit the apartment and he made it clear that moving elsewhere wasn’t an option, and that the apartment was as advertised. He offered to provide a further clean, but we didn’t feel that it would make much of a difference, so we bit the bullet, took all the bedding and towels to the laundrette and boil washed them, and then cleaned the place ourselves.

    Not a great start to what ended up being a great holiday when we weren’t in the apartment, so lesson learnt – don’t always believe the hype!


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