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Port Nature Facilities, Le Cap d’Agde Resort

Port Nature

View from Le Mississippi restaurant in Cap d’Agde. One of the best restaurants in the resort and a great sea-view.


Berny Taboo – Tattoo piercing and related products and gadgets.

Liberty Belle – Located at Port Nature 1 – 12 Ave des Matelots right in the heart of the Port Nature shops, you can get a range of interesting outlets that are perfectly suited for this resort.

Tabac Presse articles de plage – This newsagents is close to the beach end of Port Nature. Buy magazines, daily newspapers (including English, German and French), sun-tan lotion, towels, tobacco and sweets etc.

City Shoes – need to buy any footwear? City Shoes is located in building 5 of Port Nature.

Michel Coulon Boutique – Some very interesting outfits available from this boutique in Port Nature building 5. (Their Facebook).

Tara Studio – Great shop for shoes and clothing and located in Port Nature 5. Not the cheapest place, but some interesting and stylish items on sale. (See them online).

Bars and Live Music

Melrose Cafe – This bar becomes very lively from about 11pm, with women, and occasionally men, pole dancing on the tables. At night it is the beating heart of Port Nature!

Johnny Wokkers – Positioned directly opposite Le Mississippi restaurant, this bar has a a terrace from where you can view the sea as you relax having a drink. Now owned by a French and Moroccan couple, the location is excellent for the afternoons. Traditionally, this has been the main bar for the British visitors but it was sold by Johnny in 2016 and has new ownership. Still seems to be a decent place though for an afternoon beer!

Le Look – One of the main gay bars in the resort and located in Port Nature. (See them online).


Vival – Supermarket (You can buy pretty much anything you need for your stay in this supermarket, including wines, water, all types of groceries including fruits, vegetables, meats, toiletries and so on. Everything you need for your stay you can pretty much get here).

Cote Braise – Restaurant and grill

La Tour De Pizz – restaurant and pizzeria. Check out their Facebook here.

La Loco – A gastropub / bar and restaurant with some excellent food and a decent Menu of the Day. It gets busy in the summer, so has its regular fans (see facebook).

Le Baskin – This is a a popular bar and cafe/restaurant for two key reasons. Firstly, this is a decent place for Internet access and thus a great place to buy a coffee and surf the internet to catch up on emails etc. Secondly, it is located quite close to the beach, thus a nice place to relax and have a snack, coffee or cocktail, anytime of the day. (See their site).

Le Piment Vert – Great location for the late evening, if you wish to be in the central area with its busy nightclubs. Also a very good place to eat and reasonable prices. Restaurant (Online).

Le Piment Vert

Inside Le Piment Vert Restaurant in Port Nature. Recommended!

Le Bistrot – A popular restaurant situated opposite the Waiki Beach Bar. It gets very busy on weekends and in the summer season. A decent set menu is available and it is one of the best places to eat in the resort. Affordable and good food.

Casa Nueva restaurant and grill – Good place to eat nice food, drink and listen to music, before going out for the night.

Le Mississippi – One of the best restaurants in the whole resort, Great seafood and stunning view overlooking the beach and water. A great place to unwind in the later afternoon or early evening. Gets quite busy on weekends.

Piscine Huahiné – Medium priced food and located at the end of Prt Nature.

La Canne à Sucre – restaurant in Port Nature building 1 that offers a great range of dishes and is a decent place to eat if you enjoy seafood and like a good dessert. A good place also for cocktails.

La Méridienne – Food and drinks reasonably priced.

Le Calypso – Popular restaurant, which is ideal if you want a sea view as you eat or enjoy a cocktail during the daytime or evening. Normally less crowded than Le Mississippi, so a good alternative. (See them on Facebook).


Le Tantra

Le Juls

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