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Swingers Guide to Cap d’Agde

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As discussed on the nightlife page, the resort has changed so much in the last 20 years from when Cap d’Agde naturist resort was really a place which was a holiday and vacation centre for true naturists.

These days the resort has developed into a resort village which attracts every range of holiday maker who is adult and looking for a fun and for a memorable experience.

One group who have started to use the resort more more in the last ten years are the swingers.

Playrooms for swingers

Accommodation in Cap d’Agde

Some places to stay in the naturist resort are certainly better than others if you are planning a trip to the village as a swinger.

The camp site for example if more family orientated and more traditional in the sense that it tends to be where true naturists still prefer to base themselves.

The camp site by the way is its own gated area within the resort. As a swinger there are several very good options for staying in the resort and the best ones are as follows:

Swingers Hotels

Naturist Spa Hotel

(BOOK HERE) is one of the newest hotels and is a popular place for swingers and non-swinger couples.

The hotel has its own spa (as the name would suggest) and has a swimming pool, its own gym (and a good range of classes), its own restaurants, bar and a range of other facilities.

Oz Inn Hotel

The Oz Inn Hotel (BOOK HERE) is much newer than Hotel Eve and more luxurious. Facilities include its own hammam, Jacuzzi and hot tub and a solarium.

Swingers tend to flock to this hotel, a hotel popular with couples and groups and a good location and a relaxing place to stay.

Hotel Eve

Hotel Eve (their site) is the oldest hotel which still exists in the resort and is the hotel which is furthest from the beach (although even this is only 10 minutes maximum walk to the sea-front).

This hotel is maybe a little dated in terms of decor but it has its own pool and a small sauna and this continues to be popular with swingers.

The staff are friendly and place laid back.

Oz Inn Hotel

Apartments in Cap d’Agde

There are hundreds of privately owned apartments and most of these are available for rent through the summer months either directly from the owners or more popularly, through one of 5 or 6 main rental agencies within the resort.

The buildings of Port Nature and Heliopolis house the majority of these apartments and this accommodation type is a popular option for swingers.

There are no real rules or guidelines as to what building or which apartments to rent.

The key decisions will be based on cost, amount of space you need, do you want to sleep before midnight (if so avoid an apartment over the bars and restaurants in Port Nature) and what facilities are included i.e. internet access, air conditioning and a lift.

To book apartments you can contact Clemence via:

Events and Having Fun in Cap d’Agde

There is certainly plenty for swingers to experience in the resort and also in some of the excellent clubs which are outside the resort (such as L’Extasia which is roughly 20km from the resort and very popular as a swingers venue and said to be one of the best in France) .

Some of the best options in the resort for swingers include:

Spicy Match Cap d’Agde Take-Over

Foam Parties (Bubbles Parties)

The foam parties are a highlight for many swingers staying in the resort who get to visit one of these outdoor parties right beside the beach.

Imagine if you can a swingers club in the open summer sun, with bar, play areas, large jacuzzi (fits 20 couples easily),

dance area with huge plumes of foam dropping down every few minutes and with a live DJ. Welcome to the foam parties which take place when the days are warm and sunny enough, in June, July and August.

The parties go on for roughly 5 hours and start around 2 pm and you can enter from the side entrance of Le Glamour.

The foam parties I would highly recommend if you are a swinger. Be warned that only couples can enter and couples must be mixed couples i.e. one man and one woman.

Le Glamour Nightclub, Cap d’Agde

For swingers, one of the most popular nightclubs in the resort if Le Glamour.

Be warned that as a male you have to wear shoes (as opposed to sandals or bare footed) as they will otherwise turn you away.

There is an entrance fee (it changes every year so I’ll not list it here) which normally includes a drink.

There are playrooms in the downstairs area and which open from around midnight or slightly later sometimes.

Naturist Saunas in the Resort

The Port Ambonne building is home to two saunas which are next door to each other.

One sauna is for couples only whilst the other is open to anyone (couples can walk between both through the connecting door).

The entrance fee includes a drink and you can buy a bottle of wine or liquor and put your name on the bottle and drink the bottle over the course of a few days or week.

They will keep the bottle for you in the bar area. These saunas have play areas and the hot tubs tend to be popular play areas also.

Cap d’Agde Naturist Beach

The beach itself in the central part tends to be where swingers meet up in the daytime as they lounge on the beach and network as it were.

The swingers beach gets very busy and very crowded and there is normally plenty of things going on on the beach during the daytime.

Other Facilities in the Naturist Resort

There are numerous nightclubs and bars within the resort and many of the clubs have play areas inside including in Le Jules and Le Tantra.

In the evenings you can simply walk around the resort and move from bar to bar and meet and chat with people as you walk around.

Have other ideas and information that I have missed and should be included. feel free to either email me or to add a comment below!

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26 thoughts on “Cap d’Agde Swingers Information

  1. Patrick

    Lots of cafes where you can admire the sights and don’t forget the shops just outside the main gate . If you are without a car and want a day out the bus service to Agde is excellent value . Montpelier is an hour by train from Agde . Easier to fly to Beziers than Montpelier . Taxi journey about 32 Euro if pre-booked ( or two buses take you to the Cap )

  2. Eugene

    The foam party sounds like loads of fun.

    As a single traveller you are however excluded from this party – this rule is understandable, but is there a site/method where contact can be made with a person of the opposite sex, just to gain entry into the party.

    I am sure there must be other single travellers with the same frustration.

  3. Nicola & Scott Parker

    we would be grateful of has much information that you could supply . After 3 years of Gran Canaria La Mirage we need a change & fancy the idea of Cape-d-agde . We need to fly from Birmingham UK so which is the best airport to fly to nearest to Cape-d-agde site ? We would prefer to stay at our own apartment so do you have any contacts please ? If not an apartment whats best hotels for swingers ? In general how expensive is the Cape-d-agde resort for drinks , eating out , supermarkets , public transport , taxis etc . Whens busiest / best time for swingers to visit ? All info is appreciated thank you kindly 🙂

  4. DagTen15 Post author

    Taxis you do not need once in the resort as Cap dagde is completely different from what you will have experienced in the Canary Islands. Cap dagde is the worlds biggest naturist resort and so you do NOT need any taxis once inside the resort. You can walk everywhere and nude. Several supermarkets, post office, 20 or so bars, 12 or more nightclubs and so on. Walk everywhere.
    Your best bet for flights could be to fly from Bristol direct to Beziers which is the closest airport to the resort. Otherwise look for flights from BHX to Montpelier. So try to fly into Beziers 1st or otherwise Montpelier.
    For apartments they can be booked from January and I can recommend a good agency. Email me in January if you want agency contact.
    For hotels for swingers Natureva Spa can be booked already via or the Oz Inn hotel
    In terms of costs, the wife and I have just returned from Gran Hotel Natura (the naturist hotel in Fuerteventura) and I would say food and drinks are the same as Cap pretty much.
    Best time to visit cap for swingers I would say is July or August as that is when you are guaranteed pretty much for the foam parties etc to be taking place.

    • nisha

      We (husband & wife) would be visiting Madrid barcelona, cape d agde and ibiza in may2018. we are looking for nude resorts and soft swingging hotels in theses areas .. please suggest…

      • Amit

        Hi nisha!
        we (husband & wife) even planning to visit cap d agde. we are looking for a minded couple to enjoy naturist resort together.
        if you guys are interested, mail me! cheers

      • Steeve

        Hi nisha , me and my wife are from mauritius and would like to know yr feedback concerning yr holiday there in cap dagde swingers hotel…plse as we are new to such experience , plse send me yr real feedback experience there cause we are willing to go there next year…your experience will be a plus for us thk u very much in advance …cheers..steeve and jo…my email…

    • John

      Agency contact & any other tips gratefully received. GF & I looking for most open-minded, younger venues in which to enjoy group nudity and guilt-free love.
      Would add a single male if website link-ups available for partnering up for entry to couples venues.
      With thanks, John

      • TurkiMax

        I’m single man 38 years old and planning to visit Cap D’agde during end of September, 2019. I need someone (male or female) to join me in this trip. If you are interested, e-mail me at

  5. amit

    Hi nisha!
    we (husband & wife) traveling to cap d agde in may2018
    it would be great to meet other minded couple to travel with.


  6. Andy

    Hi Nisha,
    English speaking trio ( 2 male 1 female) visiting Cap D’agde 18th to 25th May 2018.
    Staying in an apartment in Port Nature. Interested in meeting up for a get-together for a drink or party.
    Look forward to seeing you.

  7. Harvey and Ann

    we will be in Cape d ague from 20/06/2018-27/06/2018 looking to meet other couples to have a good time with. also looking for suggests on clubs. Looking forward to meeting you.

  8. Roger Braxton

    My wife and I are staying at a relative’s flat outside the naturist area for a week, but we want to go to the beach and check out the swingers sites. Once you pay the entrance fee, can you stay as late as you wish? Do you have full access to the clubs and saunas?

  9. Jon

    Hi I am planning to be in cap dagde in august. can anyone suggest good places to meet swinger couples. am a single male late forties.. thks

    • DagTen15 Post author

      HiCplsweet, middle of July is always a great time to visit Cap d’Agde and is a popular time so you should have a great time then.


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