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Norway bodypainting

Body painting in Norway

What is Bodypainting and the World Bodypainting Festival?

Body painting is becoming more popular each year and this art form is one that combines performance art with the human body. The human body is painted in artistic and creative ways, with the paint usually applied directly onto the skin and the art itself can last from anything from a few hours to several days or weeks. The paint used, of course, is normally paint that can be washed off quite easily and most volunteers tend to be nude or in swimwear, although normally at least topless.

Even though bodypainting is sometimes used in protests, there is wide-spread appreciation of bodypainting as an art form and hence the popularity of a number of festivals worldwide dedicated to this form of performance art. Some of the best festivals include the World Bodypainting Festival (Lot of info below on this) and the Australian Body Art Awards.

The world bodypainting festival event

The World bodypainting festival should be on your Bucketlist

The most popular event in the annual calendar is the World festival and this is normally held in Europe every July. This is a 3 day festival that also takes place from Friday to Sunday and is attended by people from all over Europe and with many travelling from all corners of the world.

Full Information you need for the World Bodypainting Festival

Already past its twentieth year, the World BodyPainting festival is well established and attracts a number of regular attendees. For the festival the neatest airport is: Klagenfurt Airport.

Where and When

  • July annually
  • Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria

Where to stay

I have stayed in and can recommend the following hotels for the Festival:

Seepark Hotel – Congress & Spa
(Universitätsstraße 104, Klagenfurt) – a lovely hotel and GREAT location for the festival. It has excellent pool and spa facilities and is easy to get to by car. Very clean and modern rooms, a nice breakfast, very friendly staff and nice restaurant. Overall great value for what you get. BOOK HERE!

Hotel Rösch
Wörthersee-Südufer-Straße 55, Klagenfurt) – a slightly cheaper hotel than the Seepark Hotel but another excellent option. This is a very unique option given that it is a boat house on the river and rooms are very spacious and the views quite stunning. Very pleasant breakfast and very welcoming hosts. I love this place! (BOOK HERE!)

Enjoying being bodypainted

You can also volunteer to be bodypainted if you are game

Further Information on the World Festival

Highlights from the last Festival

Artist at Work

Alternative Festivals and Locations for Fun

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