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Best Gay Saunas in Europe – Our Top 5

A gay sauna in Estonia

One of the best gay saunas in Estonia

Looking for the best gay saunas in Europe. Below are some of our favourites!

There are a number of excellent naked gay saunas across Europe and s,o in this post, I am going to highlight the 10 best ones I have visited (but please send us your favourites too either in the comments at the bottom or via the contact form so that we can share the information with others!)

Sauna Nieuwezijds. Amsterdam

(Nieuwezijds Armsteeg 95) – A classy sauna with outstanding facilities and clean and well-run. One of my favourites in Holland! Facilities include a Turkish bath, Finnish sauna area, jacuzzi, relaxation area and massages are available. It is even open on Christmas Day i.e. every day of the year! Do be warned that you have to show your ID when entering and they are quite strict on this (and it should not bother you as it is down for your own security).

It is a very impressive and well managed sauna and is Amsterdam‘s only dedicated gay sauna (as far as I know) and it is a absolutely worth a visit if you are in the city. There is a movie (cinema) type area also with an erotic movie always showing and this is a sauna if you want just a relaxing afternoon or evening, and also for those of you who want to match up with other gay sauna lovers and also find action of some type. Highly recommended! You can learn more by visiting

Heaven Sauna, Warsaw

(Waliców 13) – Moving on to Warsaw, Poland, another very good venue and my favourite in Poland is ‘Heaven Sauna’. It can get quite crowded on weekends i.e. a bit of a party atmosphere one might say, whilst on week days it is a little more sedate but still very enjoyable. Heaven has a number of play areas, in addition to the usual facilities you would expect in a decent sauna of this type, i.e. a number of saunas, massages available and relaxation and rest areas.

Do note though that this is not a nude sauna as you would expect if you were in Germany or Holland. They do have naked Mondays though, so Monday is the day if you like a traditional sauna experience. English is spoken by the staff here and the atmosphere, at least from my own experiences, has always been a relaxed and friendly one. A lot of Polish men use the sauna but they are always friendly to foreign visitors.Learn more: Heaven Sauna website or visit their Facebook page.

A steam sauna

A steam sauna

Sauna Vogue, Helsinki

(Sturenkatu 27A (5th Floor) – My favourite gay sauna in Helsinki, Sauna Vogue, as you would expect from the home of the sauna, equipped with excellent sauna facilities including a Finnish sauna, steam room and massage area, but also with a fun/cruise area where you can have fun with other gay visitors.

When you visit for the very first time it is not so easy to find though, so my advice is to take the 7b tram as far as Sturenkatu, and then take a stroll up the hill and you will eventually see it next to a supermarket on the left side.

Once you are there and find it, you will I am sure have a great experience there. Very friendly bunch there every time I visit and further information:

Der Boiler, Berlin

(Mehringdamm 34) – This easily reaches our top list of the best gay saunas. This is an excellent sauna space wise and it is spread over three floors and, in addition to the usual sauna facilities, it also includes a terrace area, bar and cafe. Very clean, gay men of all ages and easy to meet other people here. The only thing that might not suit some visitors is that it is quite a popular cruise style hook up sauna.

Sometimes when I visited it was quite busy and other times quiet. I would overall really recommend a visit to Der Boiler if you are in Berlin. Many others I talk with consider it their favourite gay sauna  in Europe, so you really might want to give this one a try! More details on their Facebook and website.

Sun City, Paris

(62 Boulevard de Sébastopol) – If you are in Paris for a few days, Sun City is an Indian themed sauna, which is over 3000 square meters and is the best sauna in my opinion, in Paris. Excellent facilities including sauna cabins, gym area and lounge bar and plenty going on here. This is a sauna where a lot of action takes place and can be seen so, if you are looking for something more than just an excellent sauna, this is a great choice. Sun City is very well maintained and managed. Learn more from their Facebook page and site.

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