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Erotic Amsterdam for Tourists

Erotic museum Holland

Erotic museum in Amsterdam

For tourists erotic Amsterdam is one side of the city you might wish to enjoy and there is certainly plenty to keep you amused. What follows below is our guide to some of the best erotic, fun and sexy attractions, clubs and things to do in the city. If you know of anything else in Amsterdam we should add, please do let me know.

The Sex Museum

Museum in Amsterdam

One of Amsterdam’s most popular museums

(Damrak 18) – The first place I would recommend to head for in the daytime is the popular ‘Sex Museum’. Learn about the history of sex, see a range of erotic paintings and objects, and enjoy a leisurely walk around this quite entertaining attraction. The museum at the time of writing is priced at Euros 4 to enter and is open 7 days a week and you must be 16 years or over to enter. You will find some of the rooms quite small, but the collection which the museum has amassed is quite impressive and certainly worth a visit. Do expect a few shocks and to see some things you have not seen before. Overall, for the entrance fee, it’s great value.

  • Further Information: Official site
  • Usually open from 9.30am through to 11.30pm every day of the week.

Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana near Amsterdam i

Fata Morgana near Amsterdam in Holland

For swingers and for those non-swingers who like to frequent swingers clubs, Fata Morgana is one of the very best in the Amsterdam area. Apart from Fun4Two in Moordrecht, Fata Morgana is one of the best in Holland and attracts visitors from across Europe. In this club you can expect three floors of various rooms including a sauna and spa area, disco and bar area, restaurant and VIP areas, and a very interesting array of pleasure and play rooms. Summertime can be good because you then also have the benefit of the summer garden, where you can also find plenty of action and a pool. They have a number of themes night such as ‘Friday Pleasure Night’, ‘Super Hot Mega Party’ and a range of events. Dress code is normally lingerie for women and smart for men but depends on the theme of the night.

Erotisch Museum

Another museum for the day time is the ‘Erotisch Museum’ which is not a large nor a particularly dynamic museum to visit but, if you are in the area, then why not pop in. The museum is a bit gimmicky and not as good value as the Sex Museum mentioned  above, to be honest. Perhaps give this museum a miss but I thought I’d mention this one in case any of you still want to check it out.

Red Light District Walking Tour

A walking tour is always a great way to see any city and the ‘Randy Roy Red Light Tour’ is the one I would recommend. This 90 minute tour when I did it, ended near a decent pub so a bunch of us from the tour all went into the pub afterwards and it was a great night. The guide was very well informed and humorous in explaining everything as we went around the Red Light District and overall it was a really good tour. 5 out of 5! Highly recommend this tour.

Casa Rosso

Casa Rosso in Amsterdam

Casa Rosso in Amsterdam

Casa Rosso is considered one of the best erotic clubs and is one of the most famous in Amsterdam. This is, in effect, a live sex show in a theater in the Red Light District, and which is especially popular with tourists from around the world. If you want to see one of the sex shows here, this is one of the most respected and it is certainly an experience that you have to try. This venue attracts a variety of people i.e. single travellers, couples, stag or hen groups and accommodates just under 200 people.

Expect to see striptease performances (both men and women performing these) and the live sex acts (which often involve some quite impressive choreography and acrobatic moves). This venue is open 7 days a week, opening from 7pm every evening and open until 2 or 3am (depending on the day). Prices are slightly cheaper if you book online (see the official site link below) to book. Overall, this is perhaps the best organised and most professional theater for this type of performance in the Red Light District and I would highly recommend it!



The famous Bananenbar

(Oudezijds Achterburgwal 37) – Not my favourite place but many people love it, so it is certainly worth mentioning the ‘Bananen Bar’ to you. It is pretty much a bar with strippers in it and those of you who have visited Cap d’Agde before, you might perhaps find it bit disappointing i.e. it is no Melrose Cafe. If you are looking for a bar which suits adults though, then this might be a place that does interest you. You can learn more from

Naturist Saunas

Art Deco sauna

Art Deco sauna

If you are in the mood for a sauna experience, there are few better cities to enjoy this than Amsterdam. The city has a good choice when it comes to saunas and here is a guide to the five best saunas in Amsterdam.

Art Deco Sauna

(Herengracht 115) – Art Deco Sauna is one of the most popular saunas in Amsterdam with locals and this is for many reasons. The sauna is very central and has a stunning elegant décor, designed in true art deco sauna style from the 1920s. The facilities are very good and always well maintained and very clean and the staff, at least in my experience, have always been very friendly. The sauna is populated by a range of sauna lovers including mixed couples. I would argue that this is the best sauna in Amsterdam. Prices are also reasonable and massage is available on request from qualified masseurs. Further information on the

Sauna van Egmond

(van Egmond straat 4, Haarlem) – Sauna van Egmond is another excellent sauna in Amsterdam and is one which provides a luxurious option with perhaps the best facilities of any sauna in the city. The pool area is set up in roman style setting and is stunning. Massage is also available. If you have time I would say to visit both Sauna van Egmond and Art Deco for two different experiences. You will need to book your session at this sauna in advance. Learn more:

Wellness 1926

(Halmaheirastraat 28) – One of the newer saunas in the city, this is another wonderful option and is based on Halmaheirastraat. Open from midday daily, they offer facilities which include the sauna, a variety of beauty treatments and a range of massages.They also have a wellness bar area where you can get a range of delicious fruit juices, fresh fruits, herbal teas and salads. All of the saunas in fact tend to offer food and drinks on a menu but I especially love Wellness 1926 in terms of its choices in this respect.

Grand Hotel Amrath

Although a hotel, the Grand Hotel Amrath is also known for its excellent sauna and wellness facilities and is thus a great place to stay, to combine sauna and hotel. The hotel has its own hammam, sauna, massage menu and wellness center and a hot tub area. (More information on the Grand Hotel Amrath).

Chill Out Spa

(Apollolaan 2) – The Chill Out is another relatively recent introduction to the Amsterdam spa and relaxation market and is a place which is more of a spa facility and a higher price range than the above saunas. Still a great option though if you are in the city.

Spa Zuiver

(Koenenkade 8) – The Zuiver spa and sauna and wellness center on Koenenkade is another of my favorites.  They are a wonderful choice of saunas and facilities to choose from including:

  • Finnish sauna
  • Steam room
  • Fireplace sauna
  • Infrared
  • Roman sauna

This award winning venue also offers a number of treatments. Learn more via Zuiver Amsterdam.n.

Amsterdam canal

Amsterdam canal

Where to Stay (Accommodation)

Three hotels I have stayed in and thus can recommend are the following. They all in my view offer good value (I have stayed in over 30 hotels in Amsterdam and these are the ones I prefer).

Hotel JL No76

(Jan Luijkenstraat 76) – This hotel is sat in a very central area, right in the middle of the museums. Great location and a lovely hotel in its own right and decently priced. This is a boutique style hotel, with free WiFi and the staff have always been brilliant when I have visited. (BOOK NOW!)

Park Hotel

(Stadhouderskade 25) – I love this 4 star hotel, which is located also in a wonderful location, this in the Oud-Zuid area and right next to the Vondel Park. Staff are very helpful and overall it is not the cheapest hotel, but what you get, I think, is a very decent option.(BOOK NOW!)

Wyndham Apollo Hotel Amsterdam

(Apollolaan 2) – I have only stayed in this hotel once, but I am looking forward to trying it again. This is set by the waterfront and there are some excellent places to eat nearby, such as the ‘Harbour Club Kitchen’. It has a decent fitness centre and is slightly cheaper than the two hotels above. (BOOK NOW!)

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