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Quintasensual Festival (Annual Event)

The quintasensual Festival banner

The quintasensual Festival banner

About the Event

When: July every year.

Where: The EarthSpirit Centre, Dundon, Somerton Somerset, TA11 6PE, UK.

What it’s all about: This annual 6 day festival in the UK is a queer spirituality, sexuality and tantra event, for anyone who is open-minded. Whatever your sexuality, this is an event which brings together straight, gay, trans gender, the curious, tantra and sexuality teachers and basically anyone interested in such an event.

Over the course of the 6 days there are a number of workshops, classes, rituals and get-togethers, all of which have a sexuality or sensual element to them. This is a wonderful chance to meet like-minded people and to get away from technology and every pressures and to truly unwind, open your mind and to explore. A typical example of the workshops in recent years has included:

  • Cuddle Soiree – An opportunity be in a loving and clothed environment, in which you can enjoy touch and interaction with others, but without any sexual pressure.
  • Erotic Dream Weaving – A chance to enjoy a wonderful ritual which involves sitting in a circle and the sharing of erotic dreams, experiences and stories of others, with a chance to also to speak about your own experiences.
  • Love Makers All – A fun workshop which (weather pending) takes place outdoors and clothes free and involves a number of activities with the focus on different ways to love.
  • Tantric Love Yoga – a fun way to do yoga with the emphasis on building energy and the development of our energy system.
  • Return to Eden – In previous years this has been run by practitioner Lilith Wildwood and involves orgasmic-energy healing and overcoming any blockages, to help us fulfill our sensual self. Learn to move towards empowerment and an erotic life.
  • Midnight Eco Ritual – There are also a number of events which take place in the evenings, including the Midnight Eco Ritual and which is run by several practitioners.
Festival massage

Enjoying a massage at at the Quintasensual Festival

Where to Stay and Ticketing

Different accommodation options are offered on site and the prices depend on when you book and what type of accommodation you prefer. Options tend to be camping, shared accommodation and private rooms. The earlier you book the cheaper the rate, with 3 price tiers. The latest information is available here.

The ticket price for the festival includes meals, access to all workshops, rituals, events, parties and facilities (which include a hot tub and sauna). The earlier you book, the cheaper rate. Prices tend to be around GBP£280 for camping. The orange tier accommodation includes options of staying in one of the barns, a 2 person caravan (which is provided), the therapy room and the green room. This option is usually around GBP£325. The blue accommodation is priced £355 and involves the higher end accommodation options. (Prices are subject to change). Do be warned that the festival is a alcohol free zone before booking your ticket!

Bliss, Pleasure and Healing at the Quintasensual Festival

A video below from some of the practitioners who attend and teach at the festival

Working at the Event – Volunteer

There are opportunities to volunteer to work at this festival. Options include running some workshops at the festival, sharing your skill set (including body painting, being a make-up artists, or any skills which you may have which can add to the entertainment on offer). A number of volunteers are sought each year for the event and further information can be found here on volunteer and crew working opportunities.


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