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Entry Requirements for Single Guys and all Visitors

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What’s Changed and General Rules

Last summer the entry requirements for single travellers (very few single female travellers ever visit the resort so this post refers to male visitors) changed and this was due to the move towards the need to increase security in France after the atrocities in Paris and Nice, France. Since the problems some visitors have had entering, we have had a large number of questions regards entrance on the Cap d’Agde Yahoo Group, including:

  • I am a single guy visiting the resort for a day. Do I need an FFN card to enter?
  • Are gate pass required for people staying inside the village Naturiste?

There is no absolute decision that we have from the front office of the resort but for the main summer months (June, Junly and August), as a single traveller that you should ensure that you either:

  • Have a booking for accommodation inside the resort.
  • A naturist membership card.

The issue with entering the resort, in other words, appears to be if you are a single traveller without a booking and without a naturist membership card!

Card to Buy and How to get it

You can get a naturist card from your own country such as a British Naturism Card, but the most certain way to ensure entry into the resort is by purchasing a French Naturist Assocation card. This can be ordered online and normally costs around Euros 17 (GBP£15). Do allow up to enough time i.e. one month for the card to arrive though.

  • If you are a single visitor trying to enter on a day pass then certainly I would recommend to have an FFN card. You may be allowed entrance with no naturist card. It seems to depend on the decision on the day but we do know of people who have been turned away this and last summer who have had no card.

Note: If you are staying in the campsite you will also need a naturist card, no matter who you are. Provided you have a camp site booking though, you will be allowed to buy the French naturist card from the camp site reception when you check-in.

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