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Being Naked versus Clothing Optional – The Debate

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If you have been visiting Cap d’Agde for many years, you will have clearly noticed the change in the way in which visitors behave in terms of dress code! 10 years ago and certainly 20 years ago, Cap d’Agde was very much a naturist resort in the early days and even though it still is in many respects, there has been a shift towards a high percentage of visitors now walking around the resort in sarongs and other clothing while walking around the resort and to  the beach. You can sometimes find yourself the minority when walking around if walking only in your sandals! Head into the Rene Oltra camp site area within the resort and the area is still very much naturist orientated, much like the old days but the rest of the resort is fast changing.

Like life itself, things evolve and move forward and in the resort, many people point towards the large increase in swingers visiting the resort to the reason for so many non-naturist being attracted to take a holiday here. Many visitors thus do not tend to strip off and embrace the naturist intentions with which Cap d’Agde resort was first started. There has been a rise in the number of pool parties, swingers clubs and bars inside the resort. It must be said though that many naturists also certainly also visit the resort for the nightlife and all that goes on. The bigger issue though is that the resort is in danger of turning into a resort where it is simply not naturist anymore and change is happening fast. There are clear signs that this bastion of freedom might eventually be lost although for now, the the beach and camp site at least remain true to the resort.

There are arguments on both side of the debate about whether clothing optional is a good thing or bad and below I present some of the key arguments below.

For Clothing Optional

Agde sea-view

One of the key points often made in favour of the clothing optional option is the idea that this might be a great way to generate interest in the naturist movement by giving those who are unsure but curious, the opportunity to test the waters as it were. Very often, one partner is willing to give it a go and the other might be hesitant and they just need to be given the chance to first experience the atmosphere and location in question. Certainly this seems to me to be a fair point and if it ultimately attracts more people to naturism then that is a good thing.

You can also find that some people will go to clothing optional resorts or locations with no intention whatsoever to themselves get naked, the only intention for some being to look and see those who do embrace the naturist culture. So it is a dilemma and I would be tempted to say that for smaller resorts, why not have naturist only days or weekends and then have some which are clothing optional, so that both become possible?

For Naturism Only Rules

Being in a clothing optional location and then finding that you are the only one or one of the few naked, can be rather off-putting and actually turn put some people off from attending such resorts again. Cap d’Agde in fact is certainly going this way and some people have already gone in search of new pastures, although, at this time, it is hard to really find anywhere still quite like Cap d’Agde.

It is true that it can be hard for some people to make the break and go to a resort where they know they will be expected to strip off and for the first timer, there seems little in choice in between. The benefit though of naturist only is that everyone is in the same boat and once there it can actually become much easier for the first visitor because there is no choice to be made and everyone is embracing the same lifestyle.

What is your view???? Let us know in the comments below!!!

– Article by Paul Andrews

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48 thoughts on “Being Naked versus Clothing Optional – The Debate

  1. Y A

    Thanks for the article..
    I would support the Naturism Only Rules as the last couple of years I actually hesitate to walk or shop naked because the majority are wearing some clothes while walking which make me feel odd sometimes.

  2. DagTen15 Post author

    I agree with you Y.A! I 100% prefer the naturist only as sometimes my wife and I are the only ones naked when walking to the shops in the resort in Cap d’Agde.

  3. kelly Smith

    Its has been a naturist site since it was created in the 70’s and most of us would like it to remain so. The swingers have obviously brought a lot of money to the site but in our opinion now there are too many and they are spoiling it. They have this weird attitude that they have the right way and indeed they invented sex, they think!!
    Most of us have had a very interesting life slightly on the edge because being naked always has a certain frisson and that is the way we like it. We have an apartment in Port Nature and are not sure how long we will be able to stay there with all the “parties” that take place, we might take a step to the back of the site. Dont get this wrong we want the village to thrive.

  4. Cuneo

    SOLO NATURISMO perchè altrimenti si incomincia a diventare timorosi e si viaggia con il pareo. Da parte mia non c’è alcun problema ma non trovo giusto che se si va in un villaggio naturista poi uno giri coperto (con esclusione per le giornate fredde). Chi non ha intenzione di spogliarsi non deve venire a Cap D’agde. Da parte mia ci dovrebbe essere l’obbligo per tutte le persone superiori ai 18 anni, per i minori si può derogare.
    Per quanto riguarda gli scambisti, questi possono fare quello che vogliono ma se vengono al villaggio devono girare nudi. Addirittura io sarei per il nudismo anche per i servienti dei bar, ristoranti e negozi: non si trovi la scusa che è per questione di igene! 🙂

  5. Clive & Valerie

    We think it’s time for the naturists to make a stand to protect our preference of going nude
    We are going for two weeks in July or August
    Our intention is to go naked all the time
    That include going out in the evening.
    We are hoping there are many like us that will join our campaign .
    We need groups of us to go out naked in the evenings
    If enough of us do it week after week during the season we can claim back cap dagde for the naturists
    We can live side by side with the exotic and fetish clothes people.
    Let’s make it normal for people to be out and about in the evening naked.
    Who wants to join us ?

    Clive & Valerie

  6. Martin

    Yes I agree with the comments. Let’s get cap back to being a true naturist resort and make it compulsory for nudity at all times, weather permitting. I agree that the swinger clientele bring much needed revenue to the resort, but I think there are just too many now. Have been going to Cap for many years and there seem to be more and more swingers every year. They seem to be taking the place over, perhaps it’s time they were moved on and to get Cap back to what it was originally created for, a place for naturist to be free of the restraints of clothing.

  7. Andrew Good

    Nude only! Ive had enough of going to nudist holiday centres only to find a large proportion of holidaymakers wearing cl*th*s. It always makes me feel the odd one out. When I go on a nudist holiday I go because I want to be nude – my natural self – in the company of like-minded people. People, swingers or not, who are not prepared to follow the nudist lifestyle should find somewhere else to go. Nudist venues are precious and rare, and we need to protect their integrity or they will disappear.

  8. Chris

    I wholeheartedly support Clive and Valerie in their drive to increase the number of people going naked in the evenings. You really are the odd one out if you dine naked and that shouldn’t be the case in the naturist quarter. I’m definitely up for the naturist values that started the whole thing off and will join any movement that promotes these ideals.

  9. Ray Ward

    Never been to Cap d’Agde, love to go, appalled to hear it may become clothing-optional. Seems to be happening to some places in Britain too. Some people think all naturist places have someone at the entrance insisting that all who enter should strip off – not true of course, but I sometimes wish it were! There should be more places like Bare Oaks in Canada, which, I understand, insists that it is NOT clothing optional and that everyone present should be completely naked at all times indoors, and outdoors when the weather is suitable – and doesn’t let people get away with wrapping a towel round them “because it’s the easiest way to carry it”! I recall a visit to a well-known British naturist establishment where every woman in sight “just happened” to be swathed in a towel! Naturist should mean naturist.

    • DagTen15 Post author

      Hi Ray – it is not officially changing to clothing optional but that in effect is exactly what it has become over the last 10 years. The beach is still very much naturist with 9%% of people getting naked but walking around the resort, because of the large number of swingers, the resort has now become somewhere where you can be the odd one out if you are walking around in your birthday suit. The sarong should be banned from the resort.

      • Cuneo

        Io sono italiano e nessuno più di me sa cosa vuol dire avere un mucchio di leggi che non vengono rispettate!
        All’entrata, al momento della consegna del badge, bisognerebbe far firmare un foglio con l’obbligo di rispettare il naturismo poi la sorveglianza, che l’anno scorso era presente e numerosa, dovrebbe, oltre a controllare il badge, far rispettare il nudismo.
        Io ho un mobilhome al camping Rene Oltra dove tutto sommato il nudismo viene rispettato, ma ho notato che anche sulla spiaggia ci sono sempre più persone in costume.
        Se si continua così diventa un posto di guardoni ed esibizionisti. 😀

  10. Andy

    We go every year sometimes twice a year we stay on the campsite naked all day everyday however we are into the clubs and swinging in the evenings pool parties and mousse parties. Evenings and exotic wear are fun.
    We believe both groups can enjoy the liberty this special place offers. Naturists are normally more open minded and non judgmental of others let’s not be small minded instead why not embrace each others liberty go naked when ever you want retain no clothing on the beaches and optional in evenings simply personal choice.

  11. Scott Anderson

    My wife and spent an incredible 10 days last summer and had a wonderful time! We were both newbies, but it only took a day and we felt like we were part of the Cap ‘d Agde family! We found a human experience that can only be lived in dreams. Nowhere can a person feel the total euphoria of being free. Equality is achieved by the freedom without clothes and adornments.
    We will return. And when we do, we hope that the lifestyle which we have embraced, will not be diminished, but will be strengthened. Our vote is to keep the “Cap” as totally free (nude) as possible. We are most comfortable enjoying our bodies that God has given us.

  12. Ray Seward

    Some years ago I was told that the few clothed visitors were the thin end of a very large wedge waiting to turn “our” part of Cap d’Agde into a textile part of the main resort. Then I laughed. Now I think the theory was correct. How to stop it? I don’t know but a good start would be for we who know better to be naked at EVERY opportunity – I have been the only naked person in a shop/bar during the day & have found that others have been encouraged to join me au naturel. Evenings have, of course, always tended to be clothed (in my time anyway – since 1985).

  13. George

    We have been going to the Cap since 2000, we have noticed the decline in nudity to the point where we have felt that we are the strange ones. Even on the beach there seems to be fewer nudists but more voyeurs in shorts or bikinis.
    We do go to the swingers clubs in the evenings which usually open very late which we feel does not conflict with the nudist lifestyle. Temperatures in the evenings do sometimes require clothes. However nudity should be enforced, but no one will have the courage to deal with the problem, we have decided reluctantly to stop visiting the Cap.

  14. Chris

    Naked nearly all the time clothed to eat in the restaurants
    Naked outside 1664 in the evenings but in the minority by about 8 pm
    Still the most relaxing place in the world for us
    Nudity should be the norm in the resort

  15. Stephen Russell

    Make total Naturist only, some CO sites if warranted
    But what Id like to see is Replica Caps in these locales, maybe 1/.2 size of Cap:
    Caribbean: Martinique
    Brazil, ( add size here alone) IE 100 more acres.

    Is this doable.
    Copy Cap plan but add newer bldgs etc for Replica Caps.
    Id be awesome.& Use Idle acerage for Projects alone.
    Brazil has the most acerage for a Mega Cao D Agde Brazil alone to house 10K nudists alone or 5K

  16. George Davisg

    I, myself, at California clothing optional resorts go nude 24/7. My experience is that almost everyone goes nude by the pool and spas and then does whatever they want elsewhere. I prefer the idea of everyone having a choice.

  17. Nudemick

    I’ve often thought about going to the resort. But I am a naturist have been most my life. I like to be naked has much as possible when it is warm enough. That means going out at night naked too.
    Now I’ve been at lots of naturist club’s at home in the UK and I find even here naturists go out in the evenings dresses even when its very warm. Now sometimes I find that I’m the only one that’s turned up naked. And it makes me feel out of place and sometimes embarrassed. I know people like to dress up at night but why should I feel out of place when I turn up naked. And I also find those people who turned up clothed ended upstripping off once they got a few drinks down them.when I go to a naturist club or holiday place. I want to be naked not feel embarrassed about being naked . so reading this about cap dag. I think I’ll give it a miss

  18. Boris and Doris

    We agree with all the sentiments in this debate so far. W are also in support of Naturism. This is the reason we start travelling over a 1000 miles to get to the place.

    We stay on the camping site every year and have to agree their has been changes in the resort from naturism to textile/swingers and the clothing option.

    I’m sure to some degree the one point a about swingers bringing money into the resort is right. But how many naturist have been driven away………………….?

    We both appreciate the guys and particularly the Ladies who go to the effort of dressing up in the evening. Whether it’s fetish or sexy.

    Subsequently, if this trend of the clothing option keeps changing towards the it’s current direction, we shall also be seeking another naturist site within France.

    Can’t the management strike a balance between daytime naturism and a dress code say after 9.00pm ? In an attempt to cater for the majority of the resort supporters…………………..?

    Or maybe the resort Management need to make up there mines as to what the resort is; A naturist holiday resort or just another resort ? Personally I don’t think the latter is truly an option considering the state of the place as it’s looking very tired and somewhat rundown………………..

  19. Boris and Doris

    Hi again,
    We found this Article by Paul Andrews very interesting and proving somewhat provocative.

    Andrew I’m not IT literate at all, but don’t you think it might just be worth setting up a ballot;
    TEXTILE YES or TEXTILE NO I think the outcome might just actually prove interesting and maybe the net result could help the resort management and the visitors of course decide about there future regarding the place.

    Not suggesting we start a Brexit referendum, more an advisory vote to see who is actually visiting the resort and what the visitors are wanting ? I think this information could also prove vital to the resort Management and future investors in the area……………….

  20. Clive & Valerie

    It seems that the overwhelming view is that we want to be able to go naked anytime Valerie and I are going to make a stand We are going out in the evenings naked We are going to try gong in the restaurants too

    We feel if more people go out naked It will give others the confidence to go naked too Let’s start a movement to protect our preference My email address is
    Email me if you want to make a stand
    Clive & Valerie

  21. Kerry Hill

    We go as often as possible, so that I (male) can go naked everywhere, almost all the time during the day, and Mrs goes topless and skimpy dressed during the day. If we could not do things this way, we wouldn’t come and I would miss out on going naked amongst many others. For evenings, we love to dress up very adventurously, but don’t swing or go to those clubs. The option is naked for one (almost for the other) and sexy dress-up in the evening is perfect for us and the many friends we have made there, worldwide.. It makes the resort our favourite place n the planet. Hope it stays the same, and that pure naturists continue to confidently express their own wishes.

  22. Clive & Valerie

    Last year we went on nude walks around the complex in the evening
    We went in all the shops
    We had no problem or negative comments.
    If the peopl that want to be nude just go for it
    We think others will follow.
    Valerie loved wearing just jewellery and shoes.
    We can use social media to find like minded people visiting cap dagde at the same time throughout the summer and encourage them to join the nude fun

    Clive & Valerie

  23. Sue

    We have been coming to the Village for the last four years (this will be our fifth :)) we stay on the campsite. The first year was our first time to experience naturism and we loved it. Everyone was friendly and we felt so at ease walking around nude on the site, in the village and shops. On our first year we were told by the campsite staff to remove our clothes upon entering, when we arrived and when we had returned from a day out elsewhere. However since that first year, no one has ever told us or even suggested we might like to remove our clothing.
    (Its not always easy to strip off when you are driving in!)

    We think the “No clothes” policy should be enforced more. There are definitely more clothed people around. We often comment to each other loudly when passing clothed people “we thought this was a naturist resort”

    The idea that if its relaxed it might encourage those who are not too sure to try it, is a fair point, but to be honest you either love it or hate it. There are plenty of beaches you can go topless or nude to try it out.

    We agree with you Clive and Valerie and we will support and continue to do the same (although Sue does occasionally like to wear a little something in the evening if we go to the village)

    “Keep the Cap Nude”

    Sue & Neil

  24. Sam

    Naturist Only! I for one won’t bring my family anymore as the swingers have ruined the resort. Would be nice if we could partition off a spot for them

  25. Eric

    I like your initiative of making a stand for nudity in Cap d’ Agde. I fully agree with the necessity to show more clearly and visibly that there’s still a significant portion of Agde visitors who want to feel free to be naked whenever and wherever they want in the so-called Village Naturiste.

    I have visited on several occasions in 2013, 2015 and last year, and even within this short time frame have noted the progression towards more (partly) clothed visitors. I dare say I have been making my private stand from the first time I visited by being nude ALL the time. You won’t believe my experiences. I have been thrown out of bars by bouncers FOR BEING NUDE, starting on my very first night in Agde ever. And no, I was not misbehaving, I was just standing at the bar talking to someone and having a drink.

    Personally, what I dislike most, is not that most other people aren’t naked in the evening; it’s that I don’t seem to be accepted when still nude. If I were joined by several other fully naked guests, and the majority of clothed people wouldn’t prevent us from entering bars, would normally interact, would accept us just as we are – no problem they choose to be clothed!

    I’m honest: I’m not simply a naturist; I love being naked, I feel sensual and very much alive. I admit to a slightly exhibitionistic tendency. I don’t mind clothed people looking at me at all. I’ve been flirting at a bar, naked, with partly clothed ladies – it’s exciting!
    But it’s not nice to be laughed at, having comments thrown at you for being naked at night. It is even worse when the establisments – the bar keepers, their bouncers – rule you out just for being a single and nude person.

    So yes, I’ll make that stand by keeping on doing what I have always done in Agde. I’d like to see the effect of your initiative when (hopefully) I’m back this summer, probably early July and/or early September. It will be so helpful to simply raise the number of nude people after dark, because that’s when it gets most difficult, and when most people who might want to stay nude, will shy away.

    “Vivez comme nous: deshabillez-vous” Let’s give this now hollow phrase, that can still be seen on signs throughout Le Village Naturiste, some meaning again!


  26. Clive & Valerie

    Thank you Eric, for your comments and your support to the cause.
    Lets hope more people will add to the debate, it does seem to have gone a little quiet now.

    We need more people to try going nude in the evenings if we are to reverse the trend.

    The more people that go naked in the evening, the more chance that others will feel more confident to do the same and go nude themselves.

    Clive & Valerie

  27. Clive Ade

    This debate has gone a little quiet recently.
    The summer is almost upon us.
    Lets make the decision to stay naked in the evenings when we are visiting Cap D’agde this summer.

    Clive & Valerie

  28. Dec

    Hello to Clive, Valerie and everyone else in this discussion.I am a 53 yr old divorced male who has rented an apt for 6 weeks in summer at Font Romeu.I have always wanted to have a nudist holiday, so I look forward to spending a few days at Cap D’ Agde on a break from hiking in the Pyreees.


    Hi Everyone
    Its less than two weeks now, Valerie and i will be in Cap D’Agde for what we hope will be 2 weeks totally nude for most of the time.
    We are there from the 1st to 15th July
    Who wants to join us going out nude in the evenings to the bars, clubs, and restaurants ?
    The more people we get to do it, the more likely others will follow our lead.
    So! Who’s up for it ?
    Clive & Valerie

  30. DagTen15 Post author

    Hi Clive abd Valerie – have you also mentioned this to the 5200 Yahoo members on the Cap dagde Yahoo group?

  31. Nikki Bird

    My self and my partner are going here in two weeks and I must say I am some what disheartened by what I have read here! We were looking forward to experiencing our first experience of a naturist resort. It is our first time at feeling free and not worrying about being naked. Being a larger lady I had my reservations but going on the site and reading ‘we all come in different shapes and sizes’ my worrying had been quashed a little. Now I read that I might be the odd one out if I am naked!

    We both would dress for dinner but we were hoping to be naked all day long and enjoy the sun and sea on our bodies as nature intended! Is this really going to be the case? Will we not get the experience we expect?

    I truly hope this is not the case and during the day really should be no clothes allowed!


  32. Ian P

    I am travelling to Cap on Friday 18 August and staying until Friday 25 August , Rene Oltra if anyone wants to meet up. Maybe Nikki will be around I’ll keep my eye out on this forum.

    I like to spend the entire time naked and do mix in the evening naked. I have been excluded by restuarants due to being a singleton but I normally use a short sarong round my waist while I eat. This year I will just get takeways. I love the nudism and fun on the beach from a exhibitionist and voyeur viewpoint and also the fetishism and fun in the evening. Best place in the world for fun.

    I think we should all be tolerant and let people dress how they like in the evening cos it is really sexy but during the day it should be totally naked.

  33. Jeremy Alsip

    Clothing optional because not everyone will embrace nudism, like my wife! We nudist want to normalize nudity in society but were kidding ourselves to think we can convert everyone! Their will be instances where nudity isn’t best like weather or maybe a job were it isn’t practical. Clothing optional is also how I see the world if nudity becomes legal. I don’t expect to convert all the textiles but I don’t want to be discriminated against by them either. I don’t know what other countries name it but for Americans, nudity if legalized will be treated much the same way as the LGBTQ community. Not everyone will be a lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, queer, a nudist or straight or a combination of many but we all respect our chosen lifestyles!

  34. William Bade

    Clothing optional resorts will ultimately convert to textile only resorts. The only way to maintain a truly naturist resort is to require all who visit to be clothing free.

  35. Nathaniel

    I’ve been to the Naturist Quarter of Cap d’Agde eight times. My first time was in 1987. I went because it was a place to be naturist, 24 hours a day. I stayed 2 weeks, and was nude for most of it. In the evening, in the shops and restaurants etc. I was in my mid-20’s and made many like minded friends.

    I never felt uncomfortable, and there were others nude at night, as well, and those that weren’t, were true naturists and non-judgemental.

    It was heaven, since for me, I truly relax when I can go days without clothing. Unlike going to a beach and having to dress at the end of the day.

    Over the years, as many others have noted, it changed. It started when the shops and restaurants wanted more people to come in the evenings from outside to spend money. These people were for the most part, not naturists. They came for a thrill. So naturally, over the years the naturists that used to go nude off the beach, did so less and less.

    The low point was one evening a lovely couple were strolling hand in hand on very balmy evening. They were nude. People actually pointed and laughed. It was one of the last straws that made me finally decide not to visit again. That and the swingers who have changed the whole atmosphere, especially in the evening.

    I haven’t been since 2008, and do not plan on going until things change back to a more naturist centric resort. One where you should NEVER feel uncomfortable, or odd, by simply being nude in a naturist resort.

  36. Clint

    As you said Cap is being taken over by the swingers. Talking for my self and am sure a lot of swingers would agree, a person is more appealing with scant / sexy clothing. Leaves a bit to the imagination. Unless the swinging scene calms down as currently they surly make up the higher percentage of visitors when compared with naturalist , especially in the center of the village , I don’t see full naturalist coming back. Sadly like all things in this world it’s all about the money .

  37. allee & jay

    We agree with everyone I think , keep it naturist all day then perhaps optional later in the evening . As non swingers we enjoy dressing to go out .

  38. Andy

    I will be visiting again in May for my second time. I describe myself as an ageing, voyeuristic, exhibitionist swinging, bisexual nudist!! I will stay naked as long as possible,
    visiting both saunas in the evening so that I have to walk back to my apartment in the late evening totally naked. I have aground floor apartment in Port Nature and I see lots of dressed people walking past going to the nightclubs, I keep the curtains open with the heating and lights on, it’s amazing how many people find a reason to turn and come back for a second look!

  39. delabole

    This may be the happy medium – nude during the day, and freedom in the evening to wear some skimpy/ erotic clothing. I’m planning to go in September when it will be nice and warm in the daytime, but may want to slip something on in the cooler evenings.

    I don’t think anyone has suggested dark suits and dinner jackets in the restaurants!


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